Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Soooo Busy....

I've had a week and a half off with no kiddos around, and I cannot believe that I can't catch up! This is beyond annoying! I do two or three loads of laundry a day and there's still more (thanks to extra dog-washing and canning). I keep making food and yet I have food going bad on me. Just look at these poor strawberries! They will never forgive me... although my compost will love me.

I found this amazing tomato bisque recipe for my drawer full of tomatoes, too, and yet--there they sit.
Thankfully, they're a little more forgiving on time than the strawberries.We also shaved our dog yesterday (something neither one of us has done before). We suppose she is thankful. We're just tired.

Isn't she a skinny little thing? So cute. Oh! And we have a tree coming down in our yard and we're filling our shed with wood. Lots of wheelbarrow trips.
So, speaking of growing things, my violets need to be re-potted...
...and I still have some strawberries to save with jam making!
Tatting? What is that? Who has time for fun projects when all around me things are ticking down like a time bomb!? Wait, why am I still sitting here? I have people coming over soon... yikes!

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