Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Little Lights

While my little world crashed down the last couple of weeks, there was a fabulous bright spot. I have a friend who works at a bookstore and she brought one of my bookmarks in and asked her boss if they could sell them. Yes! The answer was yes! So now I have a wonderful problem: I need to buy a book of bookmarks since I don't want to sell the free ones posted online (and most of those would be copyright infringements if I did sell them).

What are your favorite bookmarks, and what book are they from? I'm loathe to spend money on any books right now because my income is grinding to a sure halt unless I can make these bookmarks a success in the next couple of weeks.

So here is my challenge to myself: 3 bookmarks a day over the next 2 weeks. I will count each different one as a numbered motif challenge, since I doubt I'll do much other tatting in addition to the bookmarks. And, with any luck and lots of prayer, I will start to see a small income! Starting with what I know...

These are the bookmarks I've been making since I was 7. My grandma taught me the pattern, so I really have no idea where it comes from. I'll keep making these and (hopefully) other simple, quick patterns. I'll report back with progress!

Happy tatting and crafting! And when life throws you a tangled mess, have your fabulous, logical husband untangle it for you and wind it into an orderly ball... Happy birthday, honey! Thanks for all you do!


  1. What about doubling an edging you already have? I've done that with some edgings and they make lovely bookmarks.

  2. Yay! I keep hoping for that door to open for you, because I have faith that it will. I just wish it would hurry up a little bit. This is a lovely start. :)

  3. Congratulations! I recall there being some bookmark patterns in the Big Book of Tatting. Edges and repeating small motifs makes a quick and easy bookmark...

  4. Bookmark patterns are a little sparse and repetitive. I'd say make up your own from an edging. That way, the stitch counts are accurate, and, pretty much, it's yours. I usually do that because it seems as though the same old patterns are seen time and time again in the tatting community. It's nice to shake it up! (:

    Good luck!

  5. @Sewicked and @Anika, good ideas! I'll keep trying. My first attempts are a little shady!

  6. There are several bookmark patterns on my blog that you can use, Easter Cross
    Bible Bookmark which has 3 different ends
    And some very quick bookmarks to be done in size 10 thread:
    you are welcome to use all of these. Sharon