Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bookmark Battle

I started my "bookmark challenge" yesterday. Here are my results. I tried being all creative and such, and didn't actually use patterns for any of these, just tried to do what I thought might work. And (perhaps because of that) there are obvious mistakes in each.
 I haven't bothered blocking these at all, because, what's that? Oh, yeah, see the last three differently-colored purple rings? I thought I was so lucky to find the same color when I ran short. Doh. Definitely not the same color. And a bit clunky.
 Then I thought, huh, it would be need to do an off-centered bookmark that's balanced. So I drew up a design and made it. I did NOT expect it to turn out like this. I mentally checked out before I finished this one, and there's a glaring missed join at the last flower/wheel thingy. This is not quite what I imagined when I wrote it. I think back to the drawing board. Oh, and there were way too many split rings to be able to do this too quickly. I think it actually took 3 hours or so. Blech.
I am much more pleased with this one, which was a quick, fun tat! I was browsing edgings per the suggestion of Sewicked, and I liked this flower idea but nothing else from a particular edging. So I thought, let's do some Victorian sets! And because all of these have something wrong with them, I miscounted on the sets and ended up curling some of it (but I blurred the photo there so it isn't as obvious!)

On to the next 3 today! And teaching a tatting class this morning at Ben Franklin crafts. Yippie!! Hope the Turkey can sit still for 2 hours :)


  1. I think I've learned more from winging it and making mistakes than from tatting established patterns. Well, I'm still learning. lol
    I like your wheels.

  2. Sometimes that is the way to go, the middle one is a bit wonky, but if you pin and starch it, it could hold a nice shape, the other two are already nice, just need a bit of pressing, mistakes and all :) the last one is very nice in it's simplicity. Overall, I say you did a very nice job, and would even suggest redoing the one(s) you like best to tighten up the stitches or correct where you think your mistakes are. nothing beats practice, and what better way than on something you created without an established pattern.

    You did an excellent job, kudos to you :)

  3. Those all look pretty good considering you didn't use patterns! And I like the flower wheel one- it looks like sand dollars to me and summer beach colors from the photo. :)

  4. @God's Kid, LOL! I had a friend say the exact same thing about the sand dollars. Maybe I'll have to do something with them that would actually work! HA. :)