Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ruined thread?

I brought a few projects along in my purse yesterday, just in case I had a couple minutes to spare between errands. I didn't.

However, my thread and projects got a little surprise! The water bottle in my purse leaked...
...and the green vintage thread made a nice spot on the white. Among other small bleeds.
Oooh, this picture does not show the pink at all. Let's try...
There. I think the pink is from various coupons I had in my purse that were expired...
Of course, I had to save the Ball canning coupons. I'm always using those.

But the thread! I don't have any other white besides vintage 80, so I'm a bit sad. Perhaps, though, I will try dying this thread (and bookmark) so that it isn't a total waste! Anika and Yarnplayer, please don't compare my efforts to your lovely thread... I'm sure mine will be a horrible waste of time. But I plan on having lots of fun!

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