Monday, August 1, 2011

Life gets in the way.

I planned on doing lots of tatting this past weekend, of course. And, of course, things happened. It seems life has cycled us back to that point where we really don't have down time. Our friends bought a house this weekend and we helped them paint and fix up. I ran. I moved my shop items out of the local store. They are now sitting in my living room crying for attention... Just like the sticky canning jars in my kitchen. I have these mental timers for everything and I just can't catch up! Meanwhile my yard is going to the weeds, our neighbors got married this weekend, and hubby has to go see the doctor for his heart again.

Oh, and the neighbors that got married Saturday? Someone broke into their house last night and took all their wedding money and her purse from their living room WHILE they were sleeping in the bedroom. Makes us all feel really nervous and less than happy. Any friends reading who have known us for more than one year will see the strange coincidences between their robbery and ours: Ours happened almost a year ago now and was a double-hit. First, they canvased the place (stole my purse) while we were in the basement watching a movie. Then, we left for Labor Day weekend and several hours later our neighbors called to say all of the lights were on in our house and the doors were left open... Who does that? I mean, how can you begin to justify stealing?? We would have been happy to GIVE them something if they had asked!!

Anyway, sorry for all the ranting. All this to say I don't have any great pictures to post. I will probably not get much in the way of tatting done for a few days, but hopefully I will put the house back together and think of some kind of gift for my poor newlywed neighbors... ideas? I don't exactly know what they need right now. Except maybe a gun...ha.

So, just for kicks, here is a pic of me running past my hubby on Saturday.
And, of course, there was a lot more to see. Like Elvis, of course.
Hey hey hey!

That's all for now, folks. Hope you are all having more even-keeled happenings in your life right now! :)

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  1. I'm so sorry for your neighbors- that doesn't seem coincidental which makes it even more horrible.

    I'm always struck by how many things there are to do, isn't life wonderful? So many options!