Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bookmarks, Teaching

A quick post before I run off to teach more tatting classes. Yay!

If you were wondering, I have been continuing to make bookmarks. However, none of them are a different pattern than the other few I've tried, so they're not very exciting. I'll post a pic to prove my progress, though.

Most of these were made last night at our local "knitting club" at a library. I love going there! So many older ladies, so many funny stories! I hope I am that interesting when I'm older :)

I like the questions about tatting, too. Although yesterday I was informed that there were tatting classes at a local craft shop and I should go there! I laughed and explained (for the next 5 minutes, since she was a little hard of hearing), that I was the tatting teacher at this shop. Too funny!

Happy Wednesday, and many fun tats to you all!

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  1. These bookmarks really appeal to me, they're quite lovely. So you joined a knitting group and then go to tat? What fun! Maybe you'll get a tatting group from your classes...