Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Baby bird, tatting exploration

Yesterday, for the 3rd day in a row, I put this baby bird back in its nest.
 Now, either I am doing a terrible job with putting it back inside, or the mama keeps kicking it out. I prefer to think I am the one who is responsible over the mama.
It's a sparrow. But just look at those little legs and wings! Wow. I even used gloves so that it wouldn't smell like me. Hopefully it stays inside the nest this time. Poor thing.

In tatting notes, I made a very simple edging and a motif to play around with for a couple different ideas.
 I only spent 2 hours on this edging and it's probably 20-30 inches. I like that kind of progress.
 And I chose the snowflake-like motif because it kind of repeated the patterns in the linen. Flounder the Fish (from the Little Mermaid) is supposed to be an antique button representation. Just an idea.
 I keep seeing all of these really nifty craft bag carriers and I wanted to do something like that, but maybe a little bit more versatile. The linen napkin is folded envelope-style so that when you open it...
 voila! Hot pad! No, not really. So when you open it there would be a padded firm square bottom where all of your project would lay flat while being transported. Maybe I can have some kind of spring clips on the side to secure it in place.
 I am still working on the details (obviously). This is more of a fun project than anything that's going to get me somewhere. But I'm on vacation, after all! I should be able to do something fun!
And just look at this gorgeous piece of linen. It would make a lovely throw pillow, too. Hmm. So many possibilities! So many things I do NOT need around my house.

But they are great ideas! Thanks to my fabulous friend Candy for her help in brainstorming and making these become a possibility!

A few more applications/resume revamps today, some errands, maybe a bit of tatting at the library, and a happy Tuesday to you all!

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