Friday, August 19, 2011

Bookmark/ motif challenge update

I went through my posts and figured out that the next motif I do will be #15. That's kind of exciting for me! I am not counting my bookmarks, because that is a lot of the same. I'm almost done with my first batch, just need to package, label, and finish a few ends. I managed about 2 per day instead of 3 like I wanted, but I still feel pretty good about that since life is a little on its end right now. Here are the successful bookmarks...
...and here are the ones that didn't make the cut.
 Of course, I might be able to save a few of these/ finish them/ redo the cat-eaten parts and gift them to family later. Maybe.
 I have to show pictures of my fabulous helpers, of course. Toffee is the best foot-warmer around (you'd think I wouldn't need a foot warmer in summer. So would I. We would both be wrong).
And Lily just needs to be close to Toffee and me, in case something exciting happens. She wouldn't want to miss out on a few chin rubs at the very least.

On to mundane but necessary tasks today! Hoping I have something more to show on Monday. Hope you all have a productive weekend, too!

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