Friday, July 22, 2011

working on the set

Yesterday was a bit of a crazy day. There was a work picnic for one of the moms whose child I watch, so we spent 3 hours in the heat in order to eat one sandwich and say we went. I was very nearly as crabby as the two kiddos I brought down there. Although, to be fair, they are fabulous kids and they enjoyed the prospect of the trip very much (before we actually started, of course :).
 Yes, you may play on the computer. But if you ever get past the password screen, I'm in trouble.
 Hi girls! Ready for a drive?
Yes, I believe we should practice driving already, Turkey. :) Good work.

In tatting news, I am working on a bracelet and earrings for the necklace set. I had some good advice from intatters friends, and here is what I came up with so far:
Doubling it seemed like a good idea for the bracelet, just so it wasn't too matchy-matchy.
I then wrote myself a pattern, which on here looks like a bunch of incomprehensible gibberish...
...and then set about making it. Which, by the way, I totally screwed up. Does anyone else do that more often than they'd like to admit? I think I know a pattern back and forth, I try to do it from memory and I find I've wasted a bunch of my time and some yarn... Although I did try to make this into an earring, just to see where that would go.
And that certainly went somewhere, although it ended up looking terrible because things broke. And I decided I should redo the entire earring so that it's split rings all the way up instead, just so that the thread would all end on the finding side of the earring. And I added more beads to give it a little weight for the dangling.
That idea got transferred immediately into the bracelet, and there are several more beads in the works. I hope to finish both the bracelet and the earrings today and have lots of fun things to show you on Monday.

Meanwhile, a couple of amusing photos I took of my dog and one of the cats staring each other down. It just makes me want to wrestle them both into being a little bit more sensible. But what are you going to do? Their brains probably don't understand much of what I say to them anyway!

Until Monday, then. Have a great weekend!


  1. Did you seen Jane Eborall's rooster pattern, the one that was a Tat It And See. I was doing the TIAS and discovered that my thread had dry rotted; when both the shuttle and ball thread both broke. At the same time. I said some impolite words, tied on more thread and proceeded, carefully.

    Things were going along well enough, if gingerly, when I got to the point that I had to join a ring to a (much) previous chain. When the chain thread broke, I gave up and started over. With different thread.

  2. I try very hard to design new patterns and often don't write them down as I go along, big mistake! It is just because I can't be bothered to stop. The memory usually fails and I end up in a mess, will I ever learn?!! So I can totally relate to what you did.

  3. I love the look of your bracelet design - keep going! I hate it when I get sort of smug and then realize I am completely out of line for it. Keeps us humble, I guess.

    The kiddos are darling - both 2-legged and 4-legged. They keep us down to earth!

    Enjoy your weekend as well :)

  4. That set looks like it will be absolutely elegant! :)