Thursday, July 21, 2011

On Saving Things

Yesterday should have been very productive. I had the time. But somehow I was very hostile toward all of my projects. I would try to start one and it would take too long (go figure, you think I'd be used to that after 20 years of tatting) or I would try to design a pair of earrings to go with my necklace and it wouldn't work when I tried it out.... so I did other things for the most part.

We had a woman call us out of the blue last week and tell me that they wanted to save some fish in their neighborhood, at an abandoned house where there was no running water for aeration in the pond anymore. Consequently, the last 2 days there have been about 10 new small additions to our koi pond. Although, sad story, 3 of them got so excited by the excessive aeration in our pond that they jumped out and died. Who knew, right? It was tragically brilliant, but we pitied them anyway. I wonder what they were thinking? "Ooooo, this air feels so nice, I think I'll jump around a bit! Wheeeeeeee! Wait, this isn't right...? I'm falling. Ouch! I don't understand! What's happening....?" Poor guys.
 However, the other little guys seem to be enjoying themselves immensely.

You can't see them here, but they're following the big fish around in schools. Trying to keep up with the cool kids. Silly fish.
 We're beginning to have quite the arsenal of saved creatures around here. Not only do we now have a resident dragonfly to add to the randomness (we have a bullfrog, too), but our friendly squirrel is still watching over the calla lily...
...and our stray dog Toffee has decided she's going to keep me. I've never seen a dog follow someone like she follows me! I feel slightly flattered, along with slightly annoyed at times. At least she's already trained! And she's so darn cute and nice, I don't know how anyone could resist her.
 See? Turkey loves her, too :) Although I think Toffee sees a squirrel. She's so easily distracted!
We have 2 more animals around, fabulous humane society sisters we call Opal and Lily. They are a little leery of the new dog, but they still manage to find time to hide my Lizbeth thread during the night. They must have known how frustrated I was with tatting in general yesterday. Opal is pretending to know nothing about it, but she won't take her eyes from the ball of thread, regardless.
Thankfully, after reading Bree's blog yesterday about her bookmarks (where she so graciously posted her stitch count, I was able to say to myself, I can do that! And I did. Thanks, Bree. That was the motivation I needed to save the day.

In other things, I am contemplating how to do a bracelet and earrings for the necklace I posted yesterday. Ideas? I posted on InTatters, too, so maybe someone will come to my rescue :)

Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. I'm so glad to have the link to your blog! Meeting members of the online tatting community helps keep me inspired. I hope the same is true for you!

  2. your bookmark turned out wonderful :) try different colors and put a ribbon in it, they are easy and everyone likes them, great easy little give aways when you need them :D pluss, they are excellent for practicing on making stitches neat :)

    You did a great job :)