Friday, July 15, 2011


I had to do a wee little bit of tatting this week, which cut into my sleep time, for a fabulous Christmas in July exchange put on by Aileen. I had the super creative Anika, who I don't think has discovered my blog yet, but just in case I won't put up pictures of that.

In other news, summer is finally here and super hot! And to celebrate, I'm posting some pictures of my very small yard.

 My strawberry patch, grape "arbor" on the fence, and tomatoes by the bird house which now houses lovely pollinating bees.
 My concord grapes look great this year! I cannot wait for juice :)
 Hidden in among the roses and balloon flowers, there are some pumpkin plants growing...
 On the left, impatiens and blueberries, middle: green snap beans, back: white grape vines, and the funny mosquito netted tree? Sweet cherries :)
 Cantaloupe on the ground, next to more tomato plants and more grape vines.
 More blueberry plants.
 Red haven peach tree with some more pumpkins growing at the base next to the lilies and lilac bush.
 Yes, we have a koi pond with lily pads and lotus blossoms. Also, I made the vinyl covering for our outdoor table, which used to have a glass top before it broke this week, right before I finished the vinyl covering. Sad.
 Raspberry bushes on the right, more lilies and grapes in the center.
 Of course more blueberries. But also some potted herbs :)
 And, since I was too lazy to unlock the gate to get this picture, more pumpkins by my compost pile.
And of course, the little Turkey I watch, who is an absolute peach. Love her.

See, I don't like things to just LOOK pretty. I want them to be delicious. And that works well since I'm an avid food canner :)

Hopefully besides picking lots of blueberries and cherries this weekend for canning purposes, I will also get around to some of my tatting projects which have been sorely neglected this week.

Thanks for reading, friends!


  1. Love that you blog now! How hard is it to grow Blueberries? Do you have the netting on for protection from those darn beetles? I would love to start my own fruit plant garden sometime. Do the raspberries take over your yard? Look forward to more of your pics and blogs! I'm a huge fan of yours!
    Love ya sis in Christ!
    ~Wendy Buckland

  2. Yes! Absolutely because of the japanese beetles. They ate the entire trees last year, almost killing them both! We have the raspberries contained by the lawn, and we mow the shoots that appear in the grass. So be careful where you plant :) Thanks Wendy!