Thursday, July 14, 2011


Today will be a long day. Not only do I watch a little 2 year old during the day (which is definitely an adventure) but then there is VBS craziness tonight and then Harry Potter at midnight tonight. I think I will be bringing a thermos of coffee with me to the pool this afternoon.

Since I am trying to create a sense of accountability with online blogging, I've decided to add the 25 motif challenge to my "to do" list. I will post a number by each applicable piece, but there will also be plenty of extra pictures of tatting as I go.

For example, here is a necklace I am very proud of, from Tatting for Today called "Fuchsia." It's done with labradorite stones, too. Love it! It just took awhile.

And my fabulous craft room, which has been a mess for ages, and I share with the entire world due to sheer curtains at night:
I finally got curtains made and up, thanks to my amazing husband! So even though it's a little less "open," it's much more mine. I don't have to share my nightly work with my neighbors!
Also, the fabric was $15 at salvation army for 25 yards. How amazing is that?

And my hubs created his own curtain rods from dowels and made maple ends with grooves for the dowels to sit.
So a super cheap high-end look for us, just with a little work.

But back to working. I'd like to get a nap in here somewhere, and since Turkey went down a bit ago, I might just have the chance for success!

Thanks for listening :)


  1. The necklace is beautiful! Tatting for Today sounds familiar - I think I should check my books and see if it's there . . . somewhere . . .

    Isn't it great to have a craft room? Your curtain fabric was a steal :)

  2. That necklace is dynamite! Gorgeous!
    Fox : )