Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Other tatting

Of course I didn't finish the necklace yesterday. I got distracted with the Lizbeth thread. And some vintage purple thread I had that I wanted to compare it to. As is sometimes the case, my motif curled outrageously, and I think I am going to make a pincushion. More on that tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd show a couple more motifs from the archives. I only own 4 tatting books, so anything I make is either from them or a variation thereof. Yesterday's motif was a pincushion pattern from Tatting for Today also. (Thanks to Michelle for reminding me to site my sources!! ...and hopefully this is the same Michelle!)

 When I started tatting seriously again less than a year ago I copied the first doily my grandmother gave me. I guessed on stitch counts and rounds, and everything lay flat! I was so pleased. Later, of course, I found that this is an old pattern from New Things Happen to Tatting (1942), one of two books she gave me.

Next I tried a pattern on Jon's blog and eventually I hope to make a runner for my piano (which was my mother's. She died 4 years ago). It's a very special pattern for a very special piano, even if the piano is destined to be a kid's practice piano :)

Also thanks to Jon for the amazing free pattern in lieu of losing her contest. I feel like a winner!! Love her patterns. I think I'll try a few of those in different threads this week, too. Thanks Jon! Speaking of which, she was the first blogger I ever found online, and a big inspiration for getting back to my roots of tatting :)

Meanwhile, I'd better get back to tatting if I want to have anything new to show for tomorrow!


  1. Your runner will be GORGEOUS!!

    I didn't mean to remind you to cite sources, I was just admiring it and wondering if it was your own work. I don't design much of anything so I'm always in awe of those who do. (Yes, it's me.)

    I own Tatting for Today, you'd think I'd recognize it. And I recently pulled it out to look at the Fuschia necklace so I looked at that pincushion just 4 days ago!

  2. Nice work, better than I can do. My work seems to never lay flat for me. I am better w/needle. My hands aren't liking the shuttle. I first saw tatting being done by the Nuns who raised me. I did not think much of it back then but I just got the urge to give it a go about a year ago and made my own site about my efforts. I saw you followed me on twitter so I had to check out your site! b4n and good luck w/your runner

  3. Your doily is beautiful! I was just admiring a very similar pattern in an old Workbasket magazine. And your runner will be super - you have determination!