Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday madness... 23, 24, & 25!

I had a very productive weekend, mostly because the hubby decided to watch a lot of football. Football for him equals tatting for me (while sitting next to him, of course!). So I have a few new "edging" necklaces to show. I think this will complete the first 25 motif challenge for me, which is super exciting. So without further ado,

 Here is the first. Of course, I stuck with the blue Lizbeth. Really? What else was I going to do. It's the best color I own right now, I think, in a size that I want. There were a lot of options for this edging... like, should I have maybe put a bead on the end instead of a picot? Should I have joined the drop motifs? Should I perhaps have even flipped the entire thing and done a bead on the ring side? Still not sure. I may mess around with that later. When I figure out earrings for any or all of these (suggestions?)

The second one is another VERY simple edging. I put beads on my shuttle and they became the "drop picot" (or whatever you call it) on the necklace. This was fun and relatively quick, but I was using pearls, so I wanted to keep it very understated. Hence, the long chain back. What do you think?

This last one is a deep variation of the edging I had, although I'm sure it's been done before. The only problem with this one is the slight turning at the bottom due, I think, to a slight difference in tension between the chain going to the bottom ring and returning from it. Probably has to do with the gap between rings and chains that I get consistently at some joins, not at others. At least I know where the problem lies, I think. I did agate stone beads with this one.

So, any earring ideas? Or things to try next? I might just switch to the deep red I have and try them all again... :)


  1. Love the necklaces! My favorite is #2 - I really love the long chain back, and the pearls look like they lay just right.

  2. I absolutely love all 3 of these necklaces, really really love them, you did such a great job, and they are so pretty. I would like to know if you would mind if I made some like them for myself? if not, please tell me and I won't. they are stunning, you did a great job!

  3. Hey Bree! Not at all! Like I said, they're just adaptations I made from edging patterns... if you want, I can even post stitch counts. Then you don't have to do very much adjusting on your own :) And thanks!!

  4. that would be so great! I just love the job you did, I really love them, they are so delicate and pretty, simple and elegant! I think of the many many I have seen, these are my favorite to be quite honest :)